michele + griffin

Ok, sunrise sessions are my new favorite.

Great images begin with great light, and when I set up a shoot I suggest meeting around golden hour (that last hour before the sun sets, when the sky transforms from solid blue to brush-stroked pastel and the horizon melts into all its evening gilded glory). But sometimes ideal isn't possible—the sun sets at 4:00 pm some months, you battle rush hour traffic as you chase those last rays of sun, or that quaint park you were hoping for is bursting at the seams with family picnics and pick up soccer games.

Well friends, there is another option. It involves rising before the rooster and shooting right as the sun peeks its shining head over the horizon line. Tough, but worth it—I promise. Michele and Griffin took me up on a 6:00 am wake up call, and we had our little garden all to ourselves! They were such troopers, and even in the early hours of the morning it was so evident how much they loved and cared for one another. 

Check out their sweet session, and someone tell me where I can get my hands on a white romper. So cute, right?