friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Stevie and I have been traversing Seattle and scaling mountaintops in the Pacific Northwest this week—all in celebration of two sweet years of marriage! Today, we're off to Portland with some dear friends and we're set on getting the full Portlandia experience. Wish us luck as we try to fit 4 full-sized humans inside an authentic tiny house for a weekend! 

Here are a few fun reads as you head into your weekend.

While I may be in the land of evergreens, glacial lakes and composting today, I hail from Atlanta. If you find yourself in my Southern city for the first time, check out this quick guide to some of Atlanta's local spots. Nothing fights the summer heat better than a generous scoop of Jeni's salty caramel ice cream! 

I'm done with being busy. This reflection hit home for me, and I'm set on eliminating the word from my vocabulary for at least a month. Do you wear hustle and busyness as a badge of honor, or do you cut through the craziness to pursue rest and real relationships? I'm on a mission to pursue my work and side projects from a place of rest instead of stress. My girlboss friend Ashlyn embodies this so well!  

T-rex hates monkey bars.

I've been trying to figure out how to use my crockpot throughout the year, rather than just whipping it out in the winter months. This peach basil chicken makes me believe that maybe slow cookers and summer really can coexist! Do you have any go-to summer crockpot recipes? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?