friday finds.

Happy Friday, y'all!

This is the first edition of my Friday series where I'll share some of my favorite finds from the week. Enjoy!

  • Stevie and I took this camera with us on our road trip and it was such a blast from the past! It would be the perfect addition for your next party or weekend adventure.
  • Atlanta friends, here are some of the best weekend brunch spots in the city with menu recommendations. While it's not on the list, Rosebud is totally worth your while. It's one of the few spots where you can make a reservation for brunch, and afterwards (while in your well deserved food coma) you can meander through the quaint neighborhoods of the historic Virginia Highlands.
  • I love personality tests, and this one gives you a pretty extensive results based on the Myers Briggs breakdown (and it's free!). Apparently my type (INFJ) is super rare and makes up less than one percent of the population—who knew! #specialsnowflake
  • This two-minute video speaks to my soul. Any other creatives out there who are in the middle of the gap?